3Rs: Reading, Riting, Rithmetic, & Resilience


asked for ideas for Apps everyone uses to teach reading. I teach older students who, if they still cannot read functionally or independently, by the time I can interact with them are not wanting the stigma or extra work.  This does not stop me looking for ways to make them more independent or to keep eye ear out for things which work for Elementary/ early Middle then adapt.

I don’t blog, am seriously private but wanted a way to share and perhaps we can keep adding in a Google Drive document? If that is possible.

I asked Diana about the target audience and categories for the apps:

Young children

1. Pre readers

2. Early readers

3. Emerging readers

4. younger teens

5. adolescents

6. learning a new language

Elements I look out for with Apps, software, assistive tech:

phonological awareness




letters  / letter sound correspondence


brain storming, mind-mapping, tools for frameworks

Frameworks for different genres

frameworks for sequencing

tools to encourage publishing to an audience (beside blogging of course)

tools to incorporate visuals

tools for text to,speech

tools for speech to text

 am working in English, but want other to add resources for additional languages.

i am interested in bi or tri lingual resources and for resources in living Australian Aboriginal languages

This would be a great resource Diana has prompted.

What a brilliant idea.

this is a draft.

will use these headings for the list I will make in GDrive.